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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Advanced key recorder software is highly interactive tool to trace overall personal computer activities in your absence. Freeware keystroke monitoring application is mostly used by different corporate sectors, internet cafes, offices, schools, institutions, home users etc to track secondary user computer activities. Reliable keyboard surveillance program secretly observes children’s internet activities while you are away. Affordable key recorder software is easy to use and monitors employee’s desktop computer or laptop activities during office time. Cost effective PC surveillance utility is specially designed and developed to record typed keys by your friends, spouse, family members etc on personal computer. Advanced keylogger application is complete solution to trace all keystroke activities such as text documents, clipboard entries, username, password, composed email, voice chat, URL’s etc. Hidden key recorder software does not appear in installation path folder, task manager, start menu, program file, add-remove program list etc. Freeware keyboard surveillance program saves pressed key activities in encrypted log files formats in covert manner. Reliable keystroke monitoring utility successfully sends produced log details file at user desired email id or uploaded by FTP server settings. Key recorder software is finest quality tool that displays generated log reports file in text or html formats. PC surveillance program provides password protection facility to avert external user from monitoring process.

Software feature:

* Advanced key recorder software runs on all latest versions of Windows OS like 7, Vista etc.

* Keystroke monitoring utility has rich GUI so that any non technical user can easily handle it.

* Keyboard surveillance program captures active screenshots of Windows application explored by secondary user on your computer.

* Keylogger application tracks on any modification taken place on system date, time, sound clips etc.

System Requirements:

512 MB RAM, 5 MB Free hard disk space

Key Recorder Free Download screenshot